What does a son need from his father?

We received a lot of positive feedback on the blog/video we created called “What does a daughter need from her father?” And we wanted to follow up with another video made from submissions from some of our sons. We asked them to create a quick video answering the question: What does a son need from his father? We put together three submissions in this video. Our hope is that these messages will inspire you as you show up for your sons.

Here are some highlights:

Role Model

What does a dad mean to me? Well, I think a dad is simply a role model. And most times they’re a teacher for you in your life, and they’re a strong male figure in your life, someone you look up to and someone you model your life after. And a dad shows you how to be a gentleman, shows you how to treat people with respect. And he shows you how to also respect women and how to love your wife unconditionally no matter what happens. And he shows you how to be successful in life. He shows you the ins and outs of life, and he shows you how to work hard.


He understands when you make a mistake and uses it as a learning opportunity because they were once in our shoes as well. And I also think a dad is someone who will show you how to be the man that God wants you to be. And a dad is someone that no matter what, they have their back and they love you. And a dad is someone who is present all the time and he’s there for your highest highs and your lowest lows.


Sons need their fathers to be someone that they can look up to and someone that sets a good example of what it means to be a man. And they need their fathers to teach them discipline and humility. And most importantly, they need their fathers to disciple them and to establish a relationship with Jesus, to talk about what boys need from their fathers. And for you to always be able to go to your father and just talk to him, no matter what the situation is. You want to know that he’ll always be there for you, just somebody that teaches you about life. And he’s always there by your side no matter what.

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