What does a daughter need from her father?

Father’s Club dads asked their daughters to create a quick video answering the question: What does a daughter need from her father? We put together six submissions into a quick video. What you hear will make you smile, nod your head, and think a bit about how you are answering the call if you have a daughter of your own.

Here are some highlights. (And some common themes!)


What I would say a girl around my age needs from her dad is honestly just transparency. I think that’s something that me and my dad have a really good relationship about. Every time that I make a mistake, he comes to me and he’s transparent with me about what he did when he was my age and how he would never stop loving me no matter what I do, and that he would always be there for me.

Be a Good Example

I think the most important thing is an example. He needs to be an example of a good and loving husband, a great friend, a community member, a worker, a parent, and a person. Because your daughter is going to model all of the future men in her life after her father, including the men she’s going to end up marrying. So you want her to be to have high standards, and those standards are modeled after you.

Share your Passions

Share you passions with me. This is an important part of building a relationship with your daughter as she’s reaching adulthood. You kind of have to step back from that parental role and be more of just supporting character and friend.

Unconditional Love

Most importantly, I think that daughters just need unconditional love. And to know that no matter how much they mess up that their dad will always be there and love them and support them.

Loving Imperfections

Daughters need love, patience, and honesty. Not someone who has lived their life perfectly, but someone that encourages a life of integrity.


I think a daughter needs unconditional love, support, encouragement, just good listening ears and a shoulder to cry on. Definitely patience and just to be present.


It’s very important to feel supported in everything that you do at this age, we are going to make so many mistakes, and having a father that is constantly reassuring you that he’s proud of you is so critical. No matter how old you get, how busy your life gets, taking time to sit down and do something like chatting on the phone, playing a game of cards, going on a drive, things like that are important.


Two things: reassurance and letting you know that he’s proud of you. Also, quality time together!

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