Although this pandemic has certainly shaken our world to its core, The Father’s Club continues to pursue forward momentum with even more resolve around our desire to be a catalyst for positive influence… Arguably the most important time since our inception to have such resolve around those 6 words found in our mission statement.

While uncertainty has been a consistent factor with this virus, what is NOT uncertain is this too shall pass. Communities will return to normal – maybe even a “better normal” – as we’re all re-learning to slow down, take walks, clean dishes by hand, reacquaint our family with the kitchen table, play board games, enjoy family bon-fires, blast music and dance in our kitchens.

However, as the thought of creating such beautiful memories brings a smile to some faces, other faces struggle to show joy as isolation at home may paint a very different picture.

As our board and chapter chairs work to still meet on a regular basis, we consistently ask the question, “What can we do?”  We are encouraged to hear stories from our regional Chapters about the creative ways you are reaching kids and families in your community…  Keep leaning in and leading well during these trying times.  And by all means reach out if you need help.  This is not a time to isolate and do life on your own – if ever there was a need for community, even if it is on zoom for now, that time is today.

Let’s not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Today we can reach out to one another and make a difference… be more creative in how we connect with those who may need a hand, engage in conversations we have been putting off for a long time, begin to plan details around how your school’s Chapter can impact your school community next fall.  Let’s not wait. Let’s continue to show up.

Rest assured, we WILL get back to mental health first aid training along with other dad-focused education opportunities. We WILL get back to chicken biscuit mornings next school year when the time is right. We WILL get back to involvement in and on our school campuses next year. 

So for now, what’s next?…. 

In the meantime, planning continues around the 2nd Annual Father’s Club Corn Hole Tournament, the 11th Annual Mission Cup Golf Tourney and our 2nd Annual Fall Summit. As more details become available, we will communicate via email and social media.

In addition, Father’s Club will continue to put intentional wind in the sails of national organizations that have an important local presence here in our community. Like many of us, they too have been impacted by COVID-19 as some of their key spring events have been cancelled.  Please keep an eye on our social media feeds for upcoming events for some of these organizations.

As I close, I want to thank our board, our chapter chairs and all Father’s Club leadership for their unwavering passion and resolve – it inspires me… but mostly, I want to commission all of us dads – if you find yourself there now, don’t get complacent on the sidelines… in the modified words of Rick, the boss from my college summer job… Don’t overthink it, just grab a shovel and dig a hole. There’s work to be done.  

If you don’t hear from them, reach out to the chapter chairs at your school – they need you, your kids need you, your community needs you. Let’s be a catalyst for positive influence together.


Brad Holdhusen