Please Remember The Father’s Club in Your 2023 Year-End Giving

By Dan Holdhusen, Grandfather of three graduates and one currently enrolled at  Blue Valley High School

It seems impossible that we are already into the holiday season and the majority of 2023 is mostly behind us. One of the joys of year-end is the Christmas and New Year holiday season that we can experience with our family and friends.

Another more practical and less anticipated aspect of this time of the year is we are coming to the end of another tax year. It’s time to plan for and complete the infamous IRS Form 1040 (or whatever tax instruments you use) to accommodate annual filing obligations for 2023 income tax returns.

Please consider supporting Father's Club with a year end gift!


Although none of us are anxious to roll up our sleeves to do our necessary tax planning, there is something we can all do to mitigate the amount of tax we pay to Uncle Sam, and, at the same time, advance the mission of a great cause with a wonderful mission. We all have the opportunity to do BOTH of these things at the same time by considering and contributing a year-end gift to great organizations like the Father’s Club. By planning ahead – you can not only support a great cause, but also reduce your tax obligation with a generous year-end gift.

We Are Five Years Old!

The Father’s Club recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of its founding in 2018. The organization relies solely on charitable contributions and the goodwill of those that support the Father’s Club’s mission and various activities. By leading “…with resolve, humility, and love,” a growing number of dads are making a huge and positive difference in the lives of kids and teachers in the schools, the community at large, and by helping dads to engage and grow in their roles as fathers.

As described in this blog, the Father’s Club has been recognized along with other regional and national not-for-profit organizations that contribute to the greater good in the Kansas City region and across the country.

We have experienced some growth in our five years, but that has not come without the willing sacrifices of a growing number of dads. They have volunteered time and energy to make a difference in the lives of others by promoting, supporting, and loving on students and teachers in our schools, being advocates and a tremendous resource for mental health issues for young and old, assisting and connecting parents to excellent resources to help grow their all-important roles in raising their children to be great adults, and a host of other activities.

A Message From Mike Davisson

Mike Davisson, Father’s Club’s executive director, explained it best: “We will continue to be driven and fortified by our Core Values: Putting Others First, Personal Excellence, Integrity, Working Together, Accountability, and humbly Lead Courageously. However, we cannot totally fulfill and be fully committed to our Mission without the generous support of benefactors.

“We strongly encourage that folks with a heart toward our mission, seriously consider a year-end donation to the Father’s Club along with other worthy charities that they support.”
Mike Davisson, Father’s Club executive director

Gifts and donations can come in numerous ways, starting simply with a year-end donation through the Father’s Club website. Gifts can also be provided in other ways, such as through estate planning or stock exchanges, but action must be taken by January 31st for them to qualify as deductions for 2023. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine the myriad of ways and methods available for your choosing. The Father’s Club is an approved 501-c-3 organization and can provide a tax-deduction statement for any and all qualified gifts.

Please consider a year-end gift. Countless dads and those they love and serve thank you for your generosity. Right here, right now, you matter. And any donation you make will further the mission of The Father’s Club in 2024. Thank you!


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