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The Power of Chicken and Biscuit

It’s awkward, for both of us. A bunch of Dads standing at all entrances of the school clumsily offering a chicken biscuit and a high five to start the day. Glances of what this is all about are frequent, then smiles and a ‘thank you’ letting us each know this is good. In a time when connection […]

Call to Action for Dads

Brad Holdhusen, the CEO of Father’s Club shares a call to action for dads. He wanted to share one of the focuses for Father’s Club as we begin this school year together. And he does it with a food analogy! We’ve all seen the plates with sections to keep food separate… but Brad suggests what […]

Chuck’s Last Ride

Have you ever had a moment that seemed to be “random” but you knew it was much bigger? Olathe East Chapter Chair, Ryan Kapple, had such a moment a couple of weeks ago. As he shared the vision at the 1st Annual Olathe East Father’s Club Golf Tournament, he shouted – “NO MORE SUICIDES!” A […]

Back to School Stronger – 2021

Students and teachers… on behalf of Father’s Club, we’re so excited for another school year to start. Our hope is that you will be back to school stronger in 2021/22. Hear a few words from our Olathe East chapter chair, Ryan Kapple!