The 2023 Porsches and Pancakes Event Recap: This. Was. Awesome.

By Jason Terry, Jason Moxness and Mike Davisson

One of the things that is so much fun about being involved with Father’s Club is that it brings people together. This is a story about a series of conversations that turned into an amazing opportunity to watch the KC Chiefs play football in Germany in true tailgate fashion, while eating pancakes and surrounded by a bunch of beautiful Porsches.

Jason Terry’s Comments

Jason TerryI have been working with Father’s Club since June of 2019. What started out as a pro bono website development project has turned into a cause that I am incredibly passionate about. The idea of dads coming together to be intentional with their kids is something so incredibly important! And it makes sense that dads end up supporting each other through the process as well. Today, I maintain the website for Father’s Club, make sure the blog posts are happening and supporting the organization from a technical perspective in various ways.

Jason Moxness and I are close friends. I had been sharing stories about Father’s Club for months and he wanted to do something to support them. He came up with the idea of having a KC Chiefs watch party/fundraiser to benefit Father’s Club, and in typical fashion, he pulled a bunch of people together to make it a day to remember.

Jason Moxness’s Comments

Jason MoxnessActing on nudges is something that I try and pay attention to and this event was one of those nudges. With an idea, some creativity, a few generous friends and a short amount of time we were able to pull together an amazing event. We love hosting parties at the Carriage House Garages in De Soto, but this time I thought – let’s have a party with a purpose! Let’s start with the idea of a KC Chiefs tailgate party and take it up a notch by adding all you can eat pancakes (thank you Chris Cakes!), bottomless Bloody Mary’s (thank you GJ’s Bloody Mary’s and Clear Ten Vodka!), beautiful cars (thank you Porsche Club of KC!) and generous friends and neighbors (you know who you are :)

After serving 250 people, we were able to raise $4,500 for Father’s Club – not bad for a first year event. The Father’s Club Mission Statement is closely aligned with my personal belief system and is an organization that I will continue to support. I encourage others to do the same!

Mike Davisson’s Comments

Mike DavissonPorsches & Pancakes was our first fundraising event outside of our annual golf tournament and what a great event it was! Cool cars; Chris Cakes breakfast; Chiefs football and an opportunity to do life together was at the heart of the event. In addition to added pics on our camera roles; to full bellies and a Chiefs victory over Miami, we were able to share the story of Father’s Club and the impact we are having in our communities. Subsequently, additional dads joined Father’s Club; others became aware of us for the first time and yet others have continued to provide opportunities for additional conversations to communicate our mission.

I personally want to thank and recognize Jason & Paige Moxness as well as the entire Carriage House community of supporters that presented the idea and executed flawlessly on a great event that provided a venue to have fun watching the Chiefs; enjoying community; spreading the story of Father’s Club and raising funds for our mission.

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