Olathe Northwest High School – Fist Bumps for Finals

By Michael Gansman, Chapter Chair at Olathe Northwest for Father’s Club

Father's Club - Olathe NorthwestAt 6:45 am on May 22nd, a host of great dads gathered at Olathe Northwest High School to cheer on all the freshman, sophomores, and juniors as they entered the building for the first day of final exams.

Even though many of the kids were dreading it or a bit sleepy eyed when they approached the building, quickly, with music in the background, and a ‘good morning, are you ready for finals?’ greeting, they perked up. Some said ‘yes’. Some said ‘no’. Some said ‘I guess so’.

Then giving each student some Starburst packs, a fist bump, and telling them to ’go rock it’ cheered them up… bringing smiles to most.

In all, twelve dads manned the three main entrance doors and brought encouragement and cheer to the students.

Mr. Chris Zuck, Principal, stated, “We are very appreciative of the Fathers Club dads for their support of the ONW students as they finish out this school year, and we look forward to more events next year.”

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