Kevin Easterday: Paying Tribute to a Great Father’s Club Servant Leader

By Dan Holdhusen, Grandfather of three graduates and one currently enrolled in Blue Valley High School

Simon Sinek has a unique observation about being a leader: “Leadership is not a rank or position to be attained. Leadership is a service to be given.” In a nutshell, this simple, yet profound quote describes Kevin Easterday, Board member and Treasurer for Father’s Club.

Kevin is a living example of the what the Father’s Club mission declares as he lives out being an example of a humble, servant leader by carefully selecting his priorities “with resolve, humility, and love, [and] to be a catalyst for positive influence around the world.”

Kevin Easterday Kevin Easterday

Looking for Purpose-Filled Volunteer Opportunities

Kevin EasterdayIt may seem remarkable that a banking and finance professional like Kevin would seek to live his life by mitigating risk-taking. He discarded that notion by stepping into a leadership role with the Blue Valley Southwest chapter some years ago, even though both his kids had already graduated from BVSW and moved on to college careers and, later, to their own families and professional careers. In Kevin’s words: “I was looking for purpose-filled volunteer opportunities since my bandwidth had broadened now that my kids were no longer living at home.” He was also seeking fellowship with other dads.

He wanted to let his hair down (take a look at his picture and you will get a chuckle at that statement) and “be real and transparent” with guys who were self-proclaimed “broken men” just wanting to make a difference and show up for Father’s Club events. He also sought opportunities to live a life of authenticity, while, at the same time, have influence in the lives of kids and the community. From there, he stepped up to serve on the Father’s Club Board of Directors, and eventually into the role as Treasurer, where he has served for the past four years. But now, as life would have it, he and his wife, Laura, are taking a bold new step in their lives.

A Bold New Step

They are pulling up the Easterday roots and moving to Denver, CO, after Kevin received and accepted an offer (only the second job in his life!) that was too good to be true, and one he had not sought. Given the ability and wherewithal to stay connected remotely, he will continue with his Father’s Club leadership roles – at least for the time being – and plans to be purposeful by slowly and deliberately expanding the Father’s Club footprint to the Denver area. That is the sort of servant leader he is.

On multiple levels, moving to a different part of the country was a difficult decision for Kevin and Laura. They are leaving their two children in Kansas – their son, Drew and daughter, Ashley, and their families – and moving to set down new roots and adventures with a new employer, in a new community and in a new job. They have definitely lived life by the motto that “life is what happens when you’re making other plans.”

Kevin Easterday Kevin Easterday

Kevin and Laura have already experienced many “final” things as they very recently moved to Colorado after living the entirety of their lives – up to this point – in the Kansas City metro area. Selling their home, leaving their neighbors, leaving the only job and workmates he had ever known. They have already lived a full life since being high school sweethearts and graduates at St. Thomas Aquinas, through their college years thereafter, and getting married and starting their family in the mid-nineties. The most important “final” is moving a distance and saying good-bye (temporarily, of course) to their kids and their families.

When asked what he has appreciated and liked the most about Father’s Club, Kevin’s response was immediate and from the heart:

  • Fellowship with other dads;
  • Camaraderie with like-minded men;
  • An opportunity to “fill the void” at a crucial time in his life;
  • Meeting new and life-long friends;
  • Living life with deep and authentic friendships; and of course;
  • Serving and loving the amazing kids and staff who are part of the campuses that make up the Father’s Club.

Kevin EasterdayThere is that word again – SERVING. To repeat Simon Sinek’s quote: “Leadership is a service to be given.”

Good Luck Kevin!

For the time being, we say goodbye to Kevin and Laura. But really, it is only another beginning for a great servant leader.

Writer’s note: As mentioned above, Kevin will continue in his role on the Board and as Treasurer remotely, so you will still hear from him from time to time. If anyone wants to drop a note of thanks and congratulations to Kevin and Laura, they can be sent to

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