Halftime Entertainment – Olathe East and Olathe South Chapters

By Mike Davisson, Executive Director/Olathe Regional Director/Board Member for Father’s Club

Halftime Entertainment - Olathe East and Olathe South ChaptersOlathe East dads hosted Olathe South dads in a first ever shooting competition at halftime of the rivalry basketball game between these two Olathe high schools. In front of a packed house, four dads from each school had to complete a combined five layups, three free throws, two 3-pointers and a half court shot to become the winning team.

The prize? The winning team of dads earned pizza for their respective student section!

After a few missed layups and put backs, the Olathe East dads got hot and were able to hit the winning half court shot on their first attempt and edged out the Olathe South dads. It was an electric moment of KIDS going wild for Dads. Tyler Cook was quoted saying, “We (Father’s Club) are typically the ones cheering on our students, last night they cheered for us. That’s pretty awesome if you think about it.”

Olathe South Principal, Sean DeMaree, said this needs to become an annual tradition and looked forward to hosting the event at Olathe South next year.

The players, not wanting to be upstaged by the dads, played an excellent game. It was highlighted by two ties and three lead changes in the final two minutes of the game culminating with a Olathe East game winning put back of a missed shot as time expired.

Halftime Entertainment - Olathe East and Olathe South Chapters Halftime Entertainment - Olathe East and Olathe South Chapters

This. Was. Awesome.

Halftime Entertainment - Olathe East and Olathe South ChaptersThe comments from students, moms, dads and administrators from both schools were overwhelming positive. We were able to recruit some new dads and this was strong exposure for Father’s Club and our desire to be intentionally involved.

A special thank you to Father’s Club Chapter Chairs Tyler Cook and Brody Dorland for their organization and execution. Also, thanks to Olathe East Principal, Kerry Lane, and Athletic Director, Mike Wolgast, and their teams for partnering with Father’s Club and helping make this a great success!

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