Great Things Are Happening – Lee’s Summit North Chapter Update

By Troy Diehl

Great Things Are Happening - Lee's Summit North Chapter UpdateFather’s Club at Lee’s Summit North High School is off to a strong start for the 2023-2024 school year. This is our chapter’s second year of finding new ways to connect with students, staff and each other. We have so many great dads that care about our students and are willing to put in the time it takes to have a positive impact on our school community.

We like to keep it simple and fun by finding small ways to make someone’s day a little better. Sometimes all it takes is an acknowledgment and an encouraging word or a funny dad joke to brighten someone’s day.

Freshman Orientation Day

We showed up before school started and greeted students with a snack for Freshman orientation day. We also had a table that evening at the Back to School night which gave us an opportunity to connect with other dads and tell them about all the exciting things we get to do at The Father’s Club.

Fist Bumps 4 Food

Once school was in full swing, we had our big kick off event, Fist Bumps 4 Food, handing out nearly 2,000 cinnamon rolls to students as they started their day! We even had enough rolls left over to donate to the local police and fire departments.

Pre-Game Cookout

Great Things Are Happening - Lee's Summit North Chapter UpdateMost recently, we hosted a pre-game cookout for the big game between two undefeated teams: Lee’s Summit North and Lee’s Summit West. We served 200 hot dogs along with chips and bottled water to the fans as they entered the stadium.

Snacks and More

Some of the other ways we have contributed is by handing out snacks during the lunch period, helping with the Lee’s Summit Marching Band Invitational, the TOT Eat program on Halloween and the speech tournament.

It’s been a busy year so far for the Lee’s Summit North Father’s Club and we are looking forward to finding new ways to be intentional with our kids and the school community!

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