Father’s Club at Kansas City Christian assisting with school security

By Larry Dollar, Chapter Chair at Kansas City Christian

Father's Club: Kansas City Christian ChapterFather’s Club is all about dads being intentionally involved in the lives of KIDS, DADS and the COMMUNITY. However, it’s not a one size fits all approach. Each chapter is granted full autonomy to step in and engage in whatever ways each individual school needs.

Many schools do First Bumps for Food; tailgates and other social events. But the needs of each school vary… and can also change from one year to the next. As a result, our chapters line up their efforts to support the school in those specific areas. For example, we wanted to share a story about Kansas City Christian (KCC) where they’ve pressed into the needs of the school related to security.

School Security

Father's Club: Kansas City Christian ChapterThe KCC Father’s Club Chapter launched a new initiative in October. Father’s Club dads are volunteering on campus to provide an extra security presence. Dads spend time walking the hallways, being outside during Elementary recess, and checking interior and exterior doors to ensure they are locked at all times.

Dads are on campus throughout the day to not only welcome, encourage, and engage with the students, but also provide additional security support to faculty and staff during recess times. It’s also a great opportunity for Father’s Club dads to get to know more of the faculty and even engage with the kids on the playground for some football or kickball.

With multiple entry points around the school’s facilities, having another set of eyes and ears to observe the surroundings and make sure all doors are locked has been so appreciated.

The feedback so far from administration, faculty, and parents has been extremely positive.

We’re looking forward to continued growth for Father’s Club at KCC! God is good.

Father's Club: Kansas City Christian Chapter

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