2022 Shovel Award Recipient – Scott Bacon

By Brad Holdhusen, CEO/Board Member/Chapter Chair for Father’s Club

I’m sitting here with a hero of many of yours, and one of mine, Mr. Scott Bacon.

The 2022 Shovel Award

We wanted to honor Scott with what we call the Shovel Award. Tom Herzog was the recipient last year. 2021 was the first year that we’ve presented this award.

The shovel award is something we give to someone that’s extremely special and has done a phenomenal job for our organization every single year. And the reason Scott was chosen for this award and this honor is that he was an extremely instrumental part in the Father’s Club and getting things going at Blue Valley High School. His leadership in education is something extremely special.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Scott joined us on our very first mental health first aid training event, which was, give or take, about 35 men.

He mentioned that it was unlike any other meeting with a group of men he has had. It was amazing. He had recently gone through a situation with his son who had cancer. Scott mentioned he wasn’t prepared for some of the things emotionally that his son was going to experience and ultimately what he experienced as his dad. He said, “To have an opportunity to express some of those things and be a part of the feedback, it was life changing for me.”

A Question About Raypec

We asked if he was planning on bringing some traditions over to Raypec that he had at Blue Valley High School. His response was, “Well, right now I’m really listening and learning and trying to become the part of the traditions that are already here. I think the communities are very similar and the cultures in the schools are very similar, so that excites me, and hopefully that means I’m a good fit for what I’m walking into here at Raypec. There’s a lot of pride in this community. There’s a lot of enthusiasm about this community, and I look forward to being a part of that down the line.”

A Question About Blue Vally High School

We also asked what he misses most about Blue Valley High School. He said, “The kids, the staff and the community. The same thing that I look forward to becoming a part of here at Raypec, because I see so many similarities. The BVHS parent community was so supportive. I was tremendously blessed to be a part of that.”

Again, we would like to say that Scott Bacon has meant a great deal to our community at Blue Valley High School. His legacy, his ability to lead with resolve and focus and direction and do it in such a way that impacts absolutely everybody, is a huge inspiration to us all. Scott will  always be a special part of the Father’s Club.

Congratulations on receiving the 2022 Shovel Award Scott!

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