2021 Shovel Award Recipient – Tom Herzog

In this video, Brad Holdhusen recognizes Tom Herzog as the 2021 Shovel Award recipient. Brad asked Tom to share why he deserved the shovel award this year. :)

Adapt and pivot. We were constantly trying to find a way. The things that we normally do weren’t available. From cleaning up things around the school to the Operation Family Feast food drive. This allowed us to put our energy and hearts towards good works for Shelter KC and families in need. The shovel award means I’ve got more work to do.
Tom Herzog

Our friends at Midwest Engravers created the award (as you can see, it’s amazing.) This will be an annual awards for service above and beyond. In true Herzog fashion, he spread the credit for all the people that come together to make incredible things happen. Including bringing some of his crazy ideas to fruition.

We appreciate all of Tom’s service in the Blue Valley community and on the board of Father’s Club. Congratulations Tom!

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