The Power of Chicken and Biscuit

The Power of Chicken and BiscuitIt’s awkward, for both of us. A bunch of Dads standing at all entrances of the school clumsily offering a chicken biscuit and a high five to start the day. Glances of what this is all about are frequent, then smiles and a ‘thank you’ letting us each know this is good.

In a time when connection is abundant, we find ourselves fighting to actually realize it.

There’s no agenda with this group, just a bunch of Dads answering a call within that we must do and be better. It’s funny, the fear that works its way in when trying to connect with a generation we’re far removed from – I’m certain it’s a feeling felt at home for many as well.

I had many reasons not to go, even pulling into the parking lot. I debated if I really need to be here, surely they’ve got this covered. This is the challenge. Too often, we assume someone else has got it when each of us plays an essential role in making it happen.

The Power of Chicken and BiscuitI held that chicken biscuit in my hand nervously trying to figure out how I was going to give this thing away, the burden makes it feel like a hundred pounds. ‘Would you like a chicken biscuit?’ I quietly offered. Seriously, I think a bead of sweat fell from my forehead.

‘That would be awesome!’ replied the student, as we did a high five, I felt like I just accomplished something amazing in my life.

That’s the thing with intent. We may not know how to offer it, how to show we care, to be there in that moment… but however it’s expressed it will find a way to let that person know you’re trying.

It was a flashback for me… I watched many kids walk into school this morning, their faces expressing the narratives of their story – some good, others in a fight to find a path forward. Eye contact is a direct connection into the human spirit, I think it’s why we avoid it, hard to mask as honesty resonates here – I read chapters this morning, it reminded me why this is so important!

The Power of Chicken and Biscuit The Power of Chicken and Biscuit

Our schools are challenged, it’s not just their challenge, it belongs to all of us.

The Power of Chicken and BiscuitIn one way this is what today was all about, Dads saying with word and deed that regardless of where you’re at, what’s going on, we are here – you matter!

Why Dads? Because it’s necessary that we’re intentional in our efforts. Each of us, as a community, together, to make a difference – however, wherever and whenever we can!

Later my son came by, he got the last biscuit our group had. I don’t know if he stopped because I was there or for the biscuit, but we made a connection. I was present. So were a group of Dads with me – letting him and everyone know we care and we’re here. This is the power of a Chicken Biscuit.

#strongertogether #righthererightnow

The Power of Chicken and Biscuit The Power of Chicken and Biscuit

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