Kids are Awesome!  In a world cluttered with screens, packed schedules and constant pressures, many kids are overwhelmed.  This could result in anxiety, depression and low self-worth.

Father’s Club seeks to counter these influences through positive interaction and intentional action.

When dads show up,  lock arms, and act intentionally extraordinary things can happen.

The Fathers Club creates opportunities for ordinary dads to impact kids!

  • We sit and listen when kids are venting
  • We build relationships with kids
  • We provide a safe place for kids to gather
  • We hand out chicken biscuits to kids walking into school
  • We provide high-fives and fist bumps
  • We teach kids about our careers and how we got there 
  • We spend an hour over lunch hanging in the halls of the school
  • We attend games together and cheer on our kids
  • We help eager 17-year-old’s learn how to build a resume and navigate an interview
  • We act with intention